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“From Pain to PURPOSE” - our largest live event for 2024

What’s the event all about?

“From Pain to PURPOSE” is our largest live event for 2024 and will be delivered in Leicester!

We are offering you the opportunity to join us by attending this powerful and life-changing event live. Coming from the success of our previous Massive Action Days in 2023, we have planned something bigger, bolder, unforgettable, and unstoppable!

Not to mention, all proceeds will go to the charity End Honour Killings.

More about our guest speakers

Nina Aouilk

Nina is widely recognised for her impactful activism against gender-based violence and her transformative journey that has resonated with millions globally.

Her advocacy has been acknowledged on prestigious platforms such as TEDx, Great Britain News, NBC News, LADbible, Unfiltered Stories, New York Weekly, CEO Magazine, amongst others.

Her viral videos, a testament to this magnetic appeal, surged to an astounding 25 million views within a mere 3 weeks.

Nina’s journey from homelessness to her current impactful position
serves as an inspiring narrative. Surviving life-threatening incidents,
she embodies resilience and the strength gained from refusing to surrender.

Harj Gahley

Harj Gahley, a multi award-winning international speaker and entrepreneur.

From a gambling addiction that nearly destroyed his life to a thriving business that he built from the ground up, he is proof that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and the right mindset.

At one point Harj was in over…

…his head, borrowing & stealing money from
friends and family and spending every penny he had on his addiction.

Eventually he hit rock bottom and after almost taking his own life, Harj
realised he needed to make a change. Through sheer force of will, he was able to break free from his addiction and turn his life around.

Harj has built and has helped to build thriving businesses, generating over 6, 7 and 8-figures in revenues. Today, he is a sought-after speaker, sharing his story and insights with audiences around the world. His story is a testament to the power of resilience and the right belief that anything is possible.

Harjap Bhangal

Introducing Harjap Singh Bhangal , a distinguished Immigration Solicitor practicing Immigration and Nationality Law in England & Wales for over two decades. Harjap has been a trailblazer in his field, earning the title of the “Immigration Guru” from the BBC. He is the go-to authority for mainstream UK media channels such as: Sky News, Talk TV, GBN news, BBC News…

…Times radio and any other mainstream news channel seeking insightful expert commentary on immigration matters.

Behind all the accolades, his sizeable following and incredible personality. Harjap is a family man with strong principles. After suffering a cardiovascular episode 5 years ago, his open and honest perspective on all things health, values and prioritise went viral within the community and had a significant impact on all those that watched it.

Who is Juggy Sidhu?

Juggy is the founder of the Complete Health Rewire programme, an established and well respected Health Coach with over 16 years of experience and education in nutrition and health. He has helped 1000’s of Asians globally optimise their health, reach peak performance and build bulletproof mindsets.

As a professional athlete, Juggy represented the UK in drug free bodybuilding competitions and was one of the first South Asian Males to represent Great Britain on the world stage.

Having experienced the deleterious impact of anxiety and depression, Juggy is a mental health advocate who shares his experiences and knowledge in this area to support others.

He now dedicates his time to serving others to better their lives and health by sharing his learnings through his services, coaching team and signature programs.

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