Menopause 101 - PART 1

Let's talk about menopause in the south asian community

This is an open invite to all South Asian women who need a safe space to have an open discussion around their health.


Are you or someone you know navigating the challenges of menopause?

We understand the unique experiences faced by South Asian women in this transformative phase of life. In part 1 of our Menopause Series you’ll learn:

At the Complete Health Rewire, we have women in their mid-30s all the way to 55, so I’ve made it my purpose to ensure we’re best situated to support them through a pinnacle time in their lives.

All you need to do is fill in the form to get instant access to the live recording. We’ll also drop it over to you on email so you can watch it whenever you’re ready.

We're Loving The Feedback So Far!

The success of our recent webinar speaks volumes. Participants found it not only easy to understand but also action-packed with valuable insights. The positive feedback indicates a thirst for more knowledge in the upcoming parts of our Menopause Series.

Yamuna SharmaMenopause 101 - Part 1
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Can I just say, my mum & Masi joined the menopause seminar and both of them loved it! So much great feedback, both felt so informed & mum felt so validated with what she went through & continues to go through! Thank you so much for opening that up ❤️❤️❤️
Swati BhattiMenopause 101 - Part 1
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Absolutely loved how informative the session was, thanks for delivering it Chris, in such an easy-to-understand manner! Thanks for organising Juggy! I've already told my husband he should attend the subsequent ones. Looking forward to it!
PavMenopause 101 - Part 1
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Great session last night Chris & Juggy. I was shocked at how many symptoms there was and the fact it hit earlier in Asian women. Fascinating information though and well worth knowing. I'll be tuning into the follow up sessions too. Also loved how open all the lovely ladies were!
At the Complete Health Rewire our specialist coaching team support women going through menopause and here are 3 things we learned;

Hey, I’m Juggy Sidhu

Juggy Sidhu has a vast knowledge base and experience in health optimisation having been part of the Nutrition and Health industry for 15 years. He found his calling through teaching others the power of nutrition for optimal physical, physiological and psychological health.

Being a father, husband and son, Juggy has consistently worked on developing a balanced approach to improve the quality of life for himself, his family and all those he works with.

Juggy is a regular expert speaker with the BBC, Metro, Reebok UK, Diabetes UK and Fitbit and as an ex- athlete he uses his experience competing on the world stage in physique development to support high performers to reach their personal potential.

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